After working on the color concept of a practice for child and adolescent psychiatry, the request for an extended collaboration for the development of new approaches in psychotherapy followed from there. Although he was not originally familiar with this area in addition to some overlapping aspects, the artist dealt in detail with the subject of psychology and neurology, attended as observers the group therapies in practice to work together with the college to develop new approaches.

His interest in psychology and neuronal processes awoke the artist through further studies in the psychotherapeutic field. Due to the striking lack of psychotherapeutic treatment options, he participated in 2012 in the founding of the learning theories and behavioral research-based institute 'Case_01_MeinfrankfurtMain'.

As early as 2013, the artist had In 'Urban Lines' he began to integrate elements of neurology and behavioral science into performative activities in the field of art, which he further developed in many of the following activities.


The interest of the artist in the natural sciences, the investigative - including the own biography - working method and an interdisciplinary embedding of other areas in the artistic work is already in an early work, realized in 1997, EMS WALK 'clearly.

A small catalog of this is available as a download here: The Ems Walk

Arabisch: Freiheit
aus ind.Kalligrafie / Freiheit / Arabisch
n. Martin Kippenberger /: Bester der Zweitbesten / Arabisch
Ai Wei Wei/ Weiwei-ISMS / Edition Arabisch (li) und Hebräisch (re)
n. Donald Judd / Motiv n. v. Gogh
n. Ai Weiwei / Ich weiß nicht, ob ich gut in der Kunst bin, doch ich finde Zuflucht darin. / Türkisch
n. M. Kippeneberger / Motiv: Ford Capri
n. Ai Weiwei / Ich weiß nicht ob ich gut in der Kunst bin, doch ich finde Zuflucht darin. / Arabisch


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